Monday, October 26, 2009

i'm glad people think i have it all together . . .

having 4 little people . . . with the oldest being 6 and the youngest 1 . . . i get asked a lot how do i do it all. i hear multiple times daily . . . you have your hands full. i also hear . . . you really have it all together. and i hear many, many rude and unneccessary comments from people that have no idea how blessed we really are to have 4 children. that could be a whole blog post in its own!

but here is proof that i don't have it all together . . .
i do try to keep it together . . . or at least pretend i have it all together.
but i don't stress myself out over a spotless house.
and the proof is in the pictures.
i long for the day that my house stays clean after i pick it up. but for now i am comfortable with knowing that when i clean one room . . . another is being destroyed! and that there will always be dishes in the sink . . . and most probably on the counter too. and that the laundry is never done. and breakfast dishes might not get cleared from the table until lunch . . . or maybe even dinner.

so if you plan to stop by . . . please call first so i can at least keep up the image that i do have it all together!