Thursday, October 29, 2009

i'm in good company . . .

but i'm not getting nearly as much as i had planned on done today!

my little shrimp was coughing a bit this morning and said her head hurt . . . so i decided to keep her home so she could rest up for the big weekend. only problem . . . she isn't too interested in resting! tuesdays and thursdays are my long days. the days that i actually am home longer than i'm in the car. i planned on starting and finishing shrimp's halloween dress today . . . and finishing brown eyes' halloween skirt . . . and cleaning. so far . . . i have only started shrimps dress. but that's ok. i got to color hello kitty with shrimp! i'm hoping for early bedtime tonight . . . so i can get back to work on the to-do list! we had a later-than-usual night last night at little miss' school with math and science night . . . so the chances of 4 sleepy heads tonight is pretty good! at least i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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