Friday, May 21, 2010

school's out for summer . . .

today was our first official day of summer break!
i think i remember dreading summer break last year.
not this year!
right now i'm so excited to have the littles home with me . . .
i'm so ready for more relaxed days . . .
not driving all over town dropping off and picking up . . .
waking up when it's light outside!

we don't have a lot of big plans for the summer . . .
the littles will go to missouri and spend some time with their nana and pops!
we are going to pensacola beach with my family!
{where 10 years ago this july i met the mister!}

other things i'm really looking forward to this summer:
sister sleepovers
playtime with friends
swimming with the littles
lots of crafts
movie nights
'summer school' with the girls
playing in the sprinkler
and so much more!!!

happy weekend!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

did you stop blogging for the summer??? Love ya Mom