Saturday, February 23, 2008

couldn't have been easier . . .

well . . . little miss pulled thru for me this morning. or as she thought it was . . . the middle of the night! it was dark when i got her out of her bed and moved into my bed at about 5:30 am. i gave her a 'healthy' and 'super nutritious' breakfast in bed . . . a bowl of valentine conversation hearts! it definitely did the trick though! i had sesame street on and she got to lay in my bed for a few minutes to kinda get woken up, while i finished getting myself ready. and when it was her turn . . . she was eager to get her pony tail in . . . her pony tail straightened . . . and . . . her make-up on! yes . . . she actually let me do her make-up and didn't fuss one time! i couldn't have been more proud of her. so we were out of the door at my target time . . . 6:15 am. we headed to starbucks for her favorite blueberry coffee cake and milk and then on to the convention center. we were i think the first people there . . . so we were lucky enough to get a parking spot right across the street. her coach couldn't believe her eyes when she walked in and saw my little miss completely ready to go with make-up on and her aunt neille no where in sight! little miss did awesome during her performance . . . she actually shook that little booty and looked like she was having fun . . . so yes . . . candy will be the meal of choice before every competition now!

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Chrissy said...

SO PROUD OF YOU MISS DYLAN!!! You did awesome!
Claire, Chrissy, Brian and Cohen!