Friday, February 29, 2008

she's not old enough . . .

ok so . . . i know my little miss is pretty darn cute and all . . . but why do all the boys in her class have to think so too? it has become a weekly thing for a mom of one of the boys in her class to tell me that their little guy just loves my little miss.

this is what i have been hearing . . .
"oh! so that's dylan! we sure hear a lot about her at our house!"
"i just have to tell you that joshua talks about dylan all the time . . . that's all he talks about!"
"so that's dylan . . . dj has told me all about dylan!"
"last night when jack was going to bed he said told me . . . mom, dylan is so pretty!"

and this is what i just hear this morning when dropping her off . . .
"dj tells everyone that dylan is his girlfriend . . . he doesn't hesitate at all. everyone has to know that his girlfriend is dylan!"


and it's not just little miss! my shrimp must have the same effect on the boys in her class too! i was told yesterday that the cute little boy, brady, in her class refers to my shrimp as . . . 'my isabella'

we are in some serious trouble i think . . . ok so i know we are in some serious trouble!

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