Sunday, January 25, 2009

competition . . . birthday . . . infections . . .

i don't know if have ever been more ready for a monday or not . . . it has been a non-stop weekend for us!

competition today in baton rouge . . . the girls did so well! my little miss smiled the whole time and shimp is really getting the whole competition thing down now! (they don't actually compete . . . they are in an exhibition category.)

today is this special guy's birthday . . .
he requested this super yummy fruit desert pizza for his cake . . . if it wasn't for him we would be total junk food junkies! this recipe came from one of our old neighbors in missouri . . . and it is so good!
by the end of the night my little shimp was complaining about a headache and a painful ear . . . and i'm complaining about a breast infection. oh the joys of little ones! and i love every second of this crazy life of ours!

happy birthday sean (aka daddy) . . . you mean the world to us!

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