Monday, January 12, 2009

'twas the night before . . .

my side of the family has lots of christmas traditions . . . and of course we are continuing these wonderful traditions with our little ones.

santa needs cookies . . . and santa needs awesome-ly (yes . . . that's a word in my dictionary) decorated sugar cookies! under normal christmas circumstances we would do homemade sugar cookies . . . but this year time wasn't exactly on our side. before we headed to missouri . . . shrimp came down with a nasty 24 hour stomach bug. and then it wasn't long before it hit every other person in our house. so . . . when we were feeling better and finally made it to missouri we weren't left with a lot of time before the big guy arrived. so this year it was premade sugar cookie dough and just simple white icing and lots and lots of sprinkles!

after the cookies were decorated and santa had a plate waiting for him . . . and the girls were on a super duper sugar high . . . we had some fun taking pictures in their new jammies. if you can't tell by these pics . . . we have our hands full! and i wouldn't have it any other way!

my favorite christmas memory is the story. we would all gather on the couch with my dad and listen as he read the night before christmas. sean read from the same book we grew up with. and as you can see . . . the girls were all ears. ok . . . maybe not . . . but one day they will cherish these memories the same way i do!

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