Monday, January 19, 2009

it worked . . .

having 4 small children in the house . . . i'm sure you imagine the amount of effort it takes to keep it picked up. and i'll be perfectly honest . . . i do not like to clean. so . . . my house more often than not has toys scattered throughout.

so i came up with a great idea. when you open our front door . . . you see the entry hall and that leads to the kitchen. so my great idea was this . . . keep the kitchen and entry hall spotless so when people come to the front door they see a clean house.

the girls were off school today and shrimp had a birthday party to go to. since i always feel guilty bringing the extra kids to the party . . . i asked my wonderful neighbor (who has a daughter in shrimp's class) if she minded if shrimp tagged along with her to the party. of course . . . she didn't mind!

so . . . now back to the point of this story! she just dropped my little shrimp off and when i opened the door she said . . . wow look at your house it looks great!

little did she know that if she looked into the living room it looked like this . . .
disclaimer: we have been moving things around in the house . . . which is actually why it's a complete mess. i don't like cleaning . . . but i do like to keep a clean house.

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