Thursday, May 14, 2009

the big four year old . . .

the first thing i heard out of little shrimp's mouth this morning was, "daddy . . . i'm already four years old!" i heard her tell him that upstairs . . . as i was in the kitchen making her breakfast of choice!
the excitement didn't fade when she made it downstairs . . .

"the big four year old is ready to eat!"
"mom . . . we need to measure. i'm four now and i've grown!"
"the big four year old is ready for school!"
"we don't have a three year old in this house anymore . . . because i'm a big four year old now!"

happy birthday little shrimp . . . i hope you have a wonderful, magical, beautiful birthday! your sassy-ness . . . love for all things glitter and girl . . . hugs and loves . . . and exquisite fashion expertise . . . make you a very special little girl to us! we love you to the moon and back! happy 4th birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Isabella.....nana and pops loves you to the moon and back too. Hope you have a great time at your party tomorrow!!
I'm sure we will be able to tell you have grown and are bigger too the next time we see you!
Love you bunches!! Nana