Wednesday, May 27, 2009

couldn't have asked for anything better . . .

i don't know how we got so lucky when i found the girls school 2 years ago . . . but we did! i was so worried about sending the girls to school in new orleans. but i honestly couldn't be any happier with their little nursery school. the girls last day was bitter sweet for me. bitter because this was little miss' last year there. sweet because shimp and brown eyes will be back for more next year!

this was little brown eyes' first year in school and she loved it so much! her teachers were wonderful! they are actually friends of mine. they referred to brown eyes as their pepper . . . and they couldn't be more right! she is full of spunk!!

little shrimp has been with her teachers since we came to this school . . . 2 years ago. so she has grown quite attached to them. she.loves.her.teachers. i mean she really loves them! she loves school too . . . she is still asking every morning if it's a school day. she really can't wait for school to start again . . . so she can be in the big kid class!

just like shrimp . . . little miss has been with her teachers for the past 2 years. it was an emotional last day of school. not only for me . . . but for her teachers too! little miss and her teachers were very close. she loved them and they loved her. most of the children in her class had been in that class for 2 years . . . so the teachers had become very close with them. just like a lot of the moms . . . her teachers were a little teary eyed too! i'm excited for the new chapter in her life . . . but so sad that it means the chapter at her nursery school has come to an end.

every morning for the past 2 years we have been greeted at the door with a big welcome from the nursery school director. she is wonderful!

i have lots of pics from their program . . . and video too. so hopefully i will get them posted soon! there is so much to catch up on . . . birthday party, end of the year party, greek fest . . .

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