Sunday, May 10, 2009

one of a kind . . .

it seems like i always have a hard time coming up with really great mother's day gifts. this year wasn't so hard. when you have a one of a kind mother and a one of a kind mother in law . . . the greatest gift should be one that is one of a kind. right? yeah . . . i thought so too!
so this year the girls created one 0f a kind masterpieces for 2 of the most special women in our lives. when you have a nana that will drive 660-some miles all by herself just to see 4 (out of 7) of the most important little people in her life . . . then it's obvious that only a one of a kind gift will do! and when you have a granny that loves sleepovers and pajama parties as much as my girls do . . . then it's obvious that only a one of a kind gift will do!

mom . . . i hope you have a wonderful mother's day! i wish there weren't so many miles between us . . . but it's good know our hearts are always close! i have big shoes to fill when it comes to mothering my own children . . . but if i can come close to the one of a kind person that you are then i am doing just fine!ms. barbara . . . i wish you a very happy mother's day too! because of you . . . i have a one of a kind man in my life that has given me 4 little one of kind gifts from god and now i get to have the most important job in the world . . . being a mother myself!

happy mother's day!

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Anonymous said...

Oh My goodness! Now I'm missing you guys and weeping!! I just read your blog this morning and not expecting this wonderful mother's day treat! Thank you so much!! A perfect gift! As you are finding out being a mom is the absolute most important thing you will do in your entire life! AND then second is being a grandparent to those so important little ones! It's the best job I have ever had! Love every minute of it too! It's kind of like being an artist and you create priceless master pieces! Well pops and I created our 3 masterpieces and now your are doing a fantastic job of creating your 4!! Just keep doing what you are doing, you have 3 beautiful girlie girls and 1 very handsome happy little buddy. I'm just doing what Nana's should do and lovin' every second of it. I wish you were closer too but as long as yall feel the love from Missouri that's what is so important. Hope you had a wonderful mother's day too! Love you all!! Nana

PS you should write a book your are so good at expressing in words!