Saturday, August 1, 2009

{almost} all better . . .

i took shrimp to get her hair fixed today and she came home with a cute little bob.
after she cut her hair . . . i told her that she needs to remember to eat extra fruits and veggies so her hair would grow back faster. she was all for it . . . reminding me to cook veggies for every one of her meals.

on the way home from the salon . . . she said, "mom don't cook veggies for me. i don't want my hair to grow. i love it and i want it to stay like this forever!"

the new do is {almost} very cute on her . . . her curls that i loved so much are gone! but it's ok . . . she loves her hair and that's what really matters. we have plans to make some really funky headbands for her as the hair on top starts to grow and needs a little covering up. she's asking for big bows . . . flowers . . . feathers . . . and sparkles. i'm sure we will come up with something that's {almost} as cute as shrimp herself!

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Anonymous said...

Isabella your new hair do is "gorgeous" just like you! love you bunches!! Nana