Sunday, August 2, 2009

moving right along . . .

the house project is progressing at a great pace right now. hopefully everything continues to go smoothly!
the little ones and i decided to finally get out of our jam's today about 5:30 p.m. and go visit daddy at work.
i was pleasantly surprised when we showed up and saw the back half framed. i am completely and totally in love with the floors. the flooring is 1x6 tongue and groove pine. they are going to be getting dents and dings during construction which is going to help make them looked aged and straight from an old french quarter building.
the house is a 'c' shape. we have the floor plan designed where the 3 girls rooms will be in the back section of the house all together. little man's room will be in the front section close to mom and dad.while we were there tonight . . . the girls staked their spot and the rooms have been assigned.
little miss and little shrimp's rooms will be next to each other with their windows overlooking the courtyard . . . that will be designed to have the feel of a french quarter courtyard.little brown eyes' room will be directly across the short hall and her room will overlook the backyard.
while we were there . . . little miss got some alone time with her daddy.
it only lasted for a few minutes . . . until the others realized how fun it looked to sit on the edge of the 2nd story that over looks the above grade basement.
this will be the living room that is also at the back of the house . . . overlooking the backyard.
soon enough we made our way to the basement . . . which really isn't a basement because its not underground. around here . . . people call them above grade basements. the entire house will be 2 story when it's complete. but we will have all of the living space on the second floor . . . like a raised house. the basement or first floor will have a 1 car garage, storage space, a sewing/craft room, small kitchen, bar/pool table and possibly a 1 bedroom apartment. sean is doing the basement with post/beam construction and the ceiling will remain how you see it now with the rough sawn oak joists and tongue and groove flooring from above exposed.
this is at the back of the house and will be the small kitchen area for courtyard, backyard, and pool room entertaining.
this great space will be where sean's pool table will go. we salvaged the slate floors that were already there. they are fantastic!
this is a big project . . . and sean is working like a mad man to get it completed. if all goes well it will take about 4-5 months to complete. stay tuned for more updates!

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Baby Dots said...

That sounds amazing Emily! I remember remodeling our last house and how stressful but Soooooo exciting it is :) Have fun...