Thursday, November 12, 2009

books and breakfast . . .

sean, little buddy man, and i had a lovely morning at little miss' school! the kindergarten and pre-k classes had books and breakfast this morning, followed by an international feast. i love her school . . . love, love, love it! when the norm is go to catholic school and you put your child in a public school . . . i'm sure it's normal to be worried if you made the right decision. well . . . we are 110% confident that we made the right choice for little miss! we have yet to be dissappointed with anything at all!

so back to books and breakfast . . .

the parents were invited into the classroom to be introduced to the reading program that her school uses. we got to see first hand how the teacher uses the program in the classroom setting and then she gave us intstructions on how to implement it at home with the children. following that . . . parents and students and teachers made way to the gym for an international feast. every family was to bring a dish of their choice. it was great! so fun . . . little miss didn't even want to sit with us!

when it was time to go home . . . her attitude changed. she didn't want to leave our side! about 1/2 of her class went home early with their parents . . . so of course i had to bring her home too! we made a stop at the girl scouts store and picked up her daisy scouts journey book for her first meeting tomorrow night!

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