Tuesday, November 17, 2009

{insert title here} . . .

so the weekend came and went . . . and only 1 thing that i wanted to get accomplished got accomplished! it was the most important though . . . sunday sean took the girls to his brother's house to watch the saints game. while they were gone . . . i got the house cleaned! i mean really clean (except i didn't go upstairs). would you believe me if i said it's tuesday and the house is still clean? it really is . . . i can't believe it! but it's tuesday and i still haven't made it upstairs. that is on the agenda for this week though. we are getting ready to head to missouri for thanksgiving and i'm trying so hard to get the house totally in order and keep it in order before we leave . . . and actually get the christmas tree here and up before we leave. and when we come home to a clean house . . . we can turn the christmas music up and get it decorated! this is the first christmas in i think 3 years that i will get to put my christmas tree up and all of my decorations up that have been sitting in storage since we moved to new orleans. we are so excited!

my brain feels like mush right now . . . notice i couldn't even come up with a title for this post? i'm still plugging away on my photography workshop and this week just really challenged me and made my brain work in ways that it hadn't worked in years! but things are starting to click {pun intended} and i'm really starting to feel more confident with my picture taking.

and it doesn't hurt to have a handsome little model!

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Anonymous said...

He's beautiful! what a great pic!
Can't wait to see him in a few days!! Love ya Nana