Wednesday, November 4, 2009

playing hookey . . .

i picked the kids up from school yesterday . . . and we headed east to the gulf coast for some fall fun in the sun and sand for what's supposed to be a few days. however . . . the girls are seriously out.of.control. so, we might be heading home sooner than expected! let me just say we finally got them asleep last night around 10-ish and they have been awake (all 4 of them!) since about 4:30 am!

i'm not sure what all we will do while daddy is working here . . . but first on my list is to find a mcd's and get a very large ice coffee! we do know we will make a stop at little miss' fave restaurant for sure! i'm hoping sean can get away from the job for a couple hours and let me slip away to the old towne for a little window shopping.

happy wednesday!

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