Saturday, October 2, 2010

hello? is anyone out there . . .

i'm still here and i didn't mean to disappear! life with 4 kiddos can be quite overwhelming {in a good way of course!} sometimes and blogging is 1 of the things that tends to get pushed to the back burner!

but my 1 loyal reader {hi mom!} has reminded me a few times that i need to update my blog . . . and that's what i'm going to do. i tell my own kiddos that they need to listen to their mom . . . so it is only appropriate that i must do the same thing!

it's quite obvious that i have a lot of catching up to do {thinking the name of the blog should be "always catching up"} since the last posts were about the end of the school year and now we are already almost at the end of the 1st quarter of a new school year! seriously . . . where does the time go?

i have lots of things going thru my head right now . . . we are at the finishing stages of the house we have been remodeling{remodel updates here, here, and here} . . . i have a new serger that i need to figure out how to use . . . i have very high hopes of getting tutti fruity designs going again . . . and i have dreams of learning my camera and photoshop better so i can start taking pictures for more than just fun!

stay tuned for lots of catch-up posts!


Anonymous said...

OHH my gosh! I'm so excited something new on the blog!!! =)
Aunt Barb will be thrilled!!
Those are some very gorgeous and strange at the same time clouds!!
Love and miss you all and soooo happy you WILL be posting some new pics of the kids SOON!!
Love ya

Emma said...

It was a pleasure going through you're web page, which lead quite nicely to you're blogg sight. Oh! All new to me I might add. Then to finish off with such lovely photo's & title of The Page, we think & sound very similar. We seem to be living similar & creative worlds. Oh, sorry, Hi there, my name is Emma x

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