Tuesday, November 25, 2008

another sunday in the city . . .

the weather was beautiful . . . there wasn't a saints game to watch . . . so we did what everyone should do when you live in a city with so much to see. we spent the day downtown . . . uptown . . . and at city park.

we started out in the french quarter with lunch at cafe pontalba.
the food was great and the view was even better!
in new orleans . . . you never know who (or what) you might see. everyone has to eat right?after lunch . . . we finally took the girls on a streetcar.
this was the 2nd time for little miss. she was only 6 months old the first time she went . . . so to here this was the first time! shrimp actually went for her first time a couple of weeks ago with our next door neighbors . . . but she still was very excited to go again! and this was brown eyes . . and of course little mans . . . first time!
like i said . . . you never know what you might see in new orleans!
there is always something beautiful to see on st. charles avenue.
so many great things to look at . . . the girls kept forgetting the rule about keeping your head inside the car!so . . . we got off and went to borders.
and i gave into the peer pressure . . . and got the book that everyone is talking about.then we went to city park so the girls could play. little man and i stayed in the car because he was starvin' marvin. and that is why there are not any pictures from the park!

last but not least on our funfilled sunday . . . big sister got to give baby brother his first bottle!
it was a perfect day!

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