Wednesday, November 12, 2008

you would think . . .

that with 4 children . . . that 1 (just 1 is all i'm asking for) would look like me.

this wild thing might be my only hope!i can definitely say:
she has inherited my cheekies (is that a word?). and by cheekies . . . i mean cheekies on the face . . . and cheekies on the backside!

and the big brown eyes definitely came from me.

and i think that might be the extent of it!

now . . . the personality is definitely from her daddy! my little brown eyes doesn't know a stranger. and if you knew me 'back in the day' you would know that i was (okay . . . probably still am!) shyer than shy!

it's a good thing i have a cute husband . . . because now i have 4 little ones that look pretty much just like him!

1 comment:

Nanny said...

How funny! They do look a ton like Sean but I'm sure they will resemble you more as they get older! Either way, you're both cute! Love your blog!