Thursday, November 13, 2008

just a minor emotional breakdown . . .

today, i'm afraid, is the first of many more emotional breakdowns to come! i am in denial that my little miss will be starting kindergarten in the fall.
i really don't know where the past 5 years has gone. really! i feel like we blinked and our sweet baby girl had turned into a beautiful little lady overnight. wouldn't it be great as adults to have the same concept of time that a child has! maybe the days wouldn't fly by so fast. i am very excited that this milestone is approaching (way too fast) . . . but at the same time it means that our baby girl is getting so big!

it is only november . . . so i'm sure you are wondering why in the world i'm already thinking about all of this today. well . . . when you live in a city that you don't just go to the school that is in the district you live in . . . you have to start thinking about school very early. this morning i went to an open house at one of the schools that we are considering for little miss. it's time for us to fill out applications and take tours and all of this kind of stuff that makes starting kindergarten way to nerve-racking for me!

tomorrow we will be taking a tour of the school that i visited today. i saw a small glimpse of it this morning as i made my way into the cafeteria to listen to the principal speak and it truly was a beautiful building . . . inside and out . . . the halls were lined with outstanding student artwork, the classrooms were bright and colorful . . . perfect for a young mind's creativity and knowledge to fluerish, the old wood floors and the gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows . . . have seen many children pass thru the halls the past 91 years.

i never would have thought that my children would be going to school in new orleans. but life is what it is. when you are married to someone who has a construction company . . . you do what you have to do and sometimes that means you have to go where the work and opportunity is. especially in today's economy. and you do with excitement and enthusiasm for your children.

i just have to keep telling myself that little miss is beside herself that she is starting kindergarten next year . . . and maybe by the time she is finished with kindergarten i will be able to accept that she is growing up . . . but probably not!

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