Thursday, November 20, 2008

role call . . .

well sorta! i don't know whose name to call . . . but i want to know who all visits this little corner of the blogging world. my little feedjit thing shows people from all over the world and i want to meet you! so . . . leave a comment and say hello!


aimee said...

hey emily...ever since helping you with your "printables" and advertisement for Tutti Fruity, I've been enjoying your blog... you amaze me with all that you do, and the true happiness that seeps through your posts!

(downingtown, pa)

Holly said...

Hey miss Emily!!! It is miss Holly Rasmussen. I am a daily reader and love every new post you write. I love getting new ideas and it really helps seeing motherhood through another stay at home moms eyes, b/c mine sure get blurry sometimes. You are truely an amazing mom and.

Holly-Springfiel MO

Tina said...

Hi Emily,

I´m Tina from Germany. And I love to read your blog about your live with your adorable children.