Thursday, December 11, 2008

feeling guilty . . .

it's snowing . . . it never snows in new orleans. i'm not even sure if little shrimp remembers snow. brown eyes doesn't . . . but she "don't like dat" (referring to the snow). little miss remembers snow . . . and asks me weekly when will it snow in new orleans? and what did i just do? i took them to school. i'm feeling a little guilty because they really could have stayed home with me and played in the snow . . . and come inside to dry their clothes . . . and then play in the snow some more . . . and come inside to warm up . . . and play in the snow some more . . . and well you get the point. right now it is snowing so hard . . . i could almost forget that i am in new orleans and feel like i was at home in missouri. so . . . i'm going to crank up the christmas music. make some vanilla ice coffee . . . oh wait its snowing . . . i will warm it up today. do some laundry. and pray . . . pray . . . pray that it is still snowing at noon when i pick the girls up! (and if the guilt gets the better of me . . . i might just go pick them up from school!)

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