Sunday, December 7, 2008

our resident elf . . .

we came home last night and found this cute little elf in our house. i guess santa thought the girls needed a little extra motivation to be really good! if you don't have a resident elf in your house . . . i highly recommend it. although . . . i do warn that the first 24 hours might be slightly traumatic to the little ones in the house. it wasn't too long and the girls warmed up to ziggles (that is the name they gave him) and now are constantly talking to him and giving him messages to tell santa!

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Kirsten / Mama Ginger Tree said...

I love Elf on a Shelf! This is our third year with "Jack" He leaves treats in our advent calendar too. The kids love running around the house to see where he's hiding. It works out well for me too. If I want them to work on hanging up their coats when we come home, Jack will find a place by the coat rack. If I want them to eat all their dinner, he sits by the dining room table.

Enjoy Ziggles.