Sunday, December 14, 2008

it was 'good' . . .

i asked little shrimp how she liked doing her cheer in front of all of the people yesterday . . . and she said, "good!" so . . . i guess that means she liked it! not that i would have expected anything else . . . she has been waiting and waiting for the day that she gets to go to competition like her big sister. despite the long face on little miss in all of the pics . . . she had a great time too. she gets so serious at competition. little man slept like a baby thru the entire competition in his new favorite place . . . until right before the award ceremony. brown eyes was tired and actually took a nap too . . . i'm not sure how considering how loud the music was!
the girls are so young that they don't actually compete . . . they are just in an exhibition category. so they all get medals . . . and everyone is happy!

shrimp and little miss are pretty much right next to each other thru the whole routine . . . if you can find the little one . . . that would be little shrimp . . . then you should be able to spot little miss too. this was the first competion . . . and you can tell they don't have the routine down completely. but it sure is cute . . .


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