Wednesday, January 2, 2008

back in the blog of things . . .

the hustle and bustle is over . . . and now i'm trying to get back to blogging . . . working . . . cleaning . . . and all of the other fun stuff! we had an awesome . . . and cold . . . christmas with my family in missouri and now we are back in new orleans and its FREEZING! i think this cold front is only supposed to last a couple of days before it warms back up . . . at least i hope so!

i have lot's of pictures from christmas that i want to share . . . but that would require unpacking the car! and we haven't done that yet! we got home late afternoon on new year's eve . . . we did a few things around the house and left for our new year's party . . . got home pretty late . . . slept in on new year's day (even the girls!) . . . and then went to sean's sister-in-law's house for a late lunch . . . and by the time we got home . . . we were completely worn out! so the car will finally get unpacked today . . . if it would warm up a little! it's so funny how 30 or 40 degrees in new orleans feels like 50 degrees cooler than 30 or 40 degrees in missouri! i guess it's all of the moisture in the air . . . but i'm ready for the cold front to move on out!

i hope everyone (yes . . . i know . . . that sounds like i am talking to a large amount of people . . . but i am just pretending that there are a large amount of people who actually read this blog and like hearing about all of the things that go on in our household . . . when in actuality i could probably count on my 2 hands the people that do read it!) had a great christmas . . . and a very happy new year!

time for me to catch up on my blog addiction . . . i didn't read any blogs . . . or do much of anything on the computer our entire vacation . . . so i'm refreshed and anxious to catch up on the over 100 blogs that i read!

oh . . . stay tuned . . . there are some new and exciting things that will be going on with tutti fruity designs this new year!

(just heard the weather . . . the wind chill in new orleans is 19 degrees right now! that is entirely too cold for the deep south!)

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Chrissy said...

Gotta love that cold weather! It was 8 degrees when I woke up....that's the REAL temp! Good day to stay in and drink coffee all day!! And seriously, can you believe we have our 10 year reunion this year? CRAZY!!!!