Thursday, January 10, 2008

it's going to be a good one . . .

i might be jinxing myself . . . but i'm pretty sure today is going to be a good day.
  • i get to clean my laundry room and get ready for these (well they aren't blue . . . and they aren't the steam set because i didn't win the lottery . . . well i didn't even buy a lotto ticket . . . but they are LG and i couldn't be more excited)!
  • brown eyes woke up with her diaper off (don't ask me how this happened!) and her bed was still dry!
  • little miss wanted to stay for lunch at nursery school . . . and it was all her idea!
  • i'm finishing up last minute details for the e-parties at tutti fruity designs!(if you are interested in hosting an e-party . . . send me an email and we can get your party time reserved!)
  • a temporary electric pole was just put up across the street. . . which means construction will be beginning soon on the empty lot . . . which means we will have another neighbor!
ok . . . little brown eyes is needing some mommy time . . . which means she is screaming at the top of her lungs . . . so that means my list is being cut short . . . but if i had to guess . . . i would say these few are definitely good indicators that this is going to be a good one! i will let you know how the day actually turns out . . . you just never know what's in store with a 1 yr old . . . a 2 yr old . . . and a 4 yr old!

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