Friday, January 18, 2008

crazy weird . . .

little miss' 4th birthday

my 4th birthday
in case you didn't know . . . little miss and i have the same birthday. yeah . . . it's really cool! so . . . you are probably wondering what so crazy weird about these pictures? well . . . little miss' cake request for her 4th birthday was a cake with yellow and green bugs . . . and it has to have a strawberry shortcake on it. (well . . . the store only had 1 strawberry shortcake doll that would fit on a cake . . . and she already had that one.) so anywho . . . strawberry's friend angel cake had to do. well . . . if you look closely you will see that my 4th birthday cake is a strawberry shortcake cake! i don't know if anyone else will think that is a little crazy . . . but i sure do!

(and don't you think little miss looks so much older at 4 years than i did?)

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Nana said...

I think that 4 year old look you are giving to Jason W. is a look I've seen on Livi's face too. Both just cute as buttons!!
Also the date should be 84 not 89, not sure who put that date on that pic...very interesting you both had Strawberry Shortcake!!! I agree!