Monday, January 21, 2008

i have gotta get one of these . . .

well . . . actually i am going to get 2 of them!

see . . . i have come to the conclusion that i have the messiest children in the world! but, i wouldn't trade them for the cleanest kids in the world. now don't get me wrong . . . if the cleanest kids want to come and give a few how to be clean lessons . . . that would be fantastic! but really . . . how ingenious are these car litter bags made by allyson hill? they look so cute . . . and they actually might (i did say might!) entice my messy little girls to put their car litter into the bag . . . instead of just throwing it down on the floorboard! now i just have to decide which print i want to get . . . well maybe (i did say maybe!) i will let the girls choose!

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gina said...

There's a great knitting show with urban, modern knits called "Knitty Gritty" on the DIY Network. If your cable company doesn't carry that station, you can still go online and find all kinds of patterns and examples of what's been on the show -- you can even view videos:
I've been learning to knit, slowly, and I've taken a couple of classes, but I still have lots to learn. Have fun and best of luck!