Friday, January 11, 2008

isn't it lovely?

(nevermind the fingerprints all over it please . . . it needs to be cleaned after the delivery guys had their hands all over it!)

i'm already in love . . . and i'm only 3 minutes into the first load of clothes! i just put SO many clothes in . . . ok the girls just put so many clothes in it. i think they are just as excited as i am! they put so many in that i took a couple of things out. well this lovely little thing has a sensor system that detects the load size . . . and come to find out . . . i could have crammed a whole lot more into it! the load size was only 2 of the 4 lines! i think huge laundry mountains are a thing of the past! i have never been so excited to do laundry!


Nana said...

Very cool!!! I'm excited for you too!!

Chrissy said...

Color me GREEN with envy!!! I'd love to have a set of those! OK, now we are officially O.L.D. Just think, it used to be who had the coolest "2 strap reeboks" and now it's washers and dryers!