Friday, August 29, 2008

dear mr. gustav . . .

can you please rethink your plan to visit the gulf coast? these 3 really cute little girls are expecting to have a playset when they return from their nana and pops' house in a few days . . . and if you decide to visit the big easy . . . then they aren't going to get that playset because they are going to make us leave town for the weekend. i was raised to be a polite person and so i am asking the nicest way possible! and quite honestly . . . i don't want to spend my birthday weekend having to evacuate from our house. if you could please take all of this into consideration . . . i know everyone here in new orleans would greatly appreciate it . . . not just me! (especially the elderly lady across the street who just 2 weeks ago got moved into her modular home that was delivered in april. yes . . . it took almost exactly 3 years from katrina to get into her new house!)

thank you for your time,
emily b.


Chrissy said...

I've been thinking about you guys all day! I will pray that Mr. Gustav decides to spare New Orleans!!!!

Robbie said...

Hi Emily,
Just wanted you to know Tiffany and I are thinking and praying for you guys. Hope you are feeling okay and we REALLY hope you have a hurricane free Birthday tomorrow!

Love ya,