Tuesday, August 26, 2008

it's our goal to be a . . .

there is nothing simple about life with children . . . especially life with 4 children! sean and i are on a mission to simplify our life . . . so we can do exactly what the cover of this magazine says . . . stress less and make the most of every day! don't get me wrong . . . we don't go a day without being thankful for everything that god has given us. but at the same time . . . it's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to stop and slow down once in a while. the first thing i have done to simplify . . . 4 contractor bags stuffed full of stuff! stuff that we used sometimes . . . or not at all . . . just stuff that we 100% didn't need. next on our list . . . consolidate our cell phone bill. sean and i both have a missouri cell phone number. sean also has a new orleans cell phone number and included on that account is a phone for one of his laborers. both accounts are with the same service provider . . . and the only thing it does is add about $150 each month to our expenses. pretty silly if you ask me. so . . . this week since i can meet sean at at&t without any wild children (thanks nana and pops!) we are going to get everything set up on 1 account and knock that extra $150 out of our monthly expenses! just think what all i could do with that extra $150 each month! just kidding . . . my dad's infamous story of need and want has finally sunk in, i think!

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