Friday, August 22, 2008

sure is quiet around here . . .

and yes i'm still smiling about that nana!

we met my mom and my aunt barb in memphis wednesday night and sent all 3 of the girls home with nana yesterday! they were so excited to go to nana and pops house they could hardly stand it . . . and not to mention ride in nana's super cool new car!

it was a nice surprise to come home to a nice and orderly house too . . .

ok . . . so i know that's not my house but it was a surprise to come home to that house being clean! it's usually just a scrambled mess from those 3 little girls that we sent with nana . . . but tuesday night little miss wanted to show her daddy how well she could decorate her house and i didn't realize she had done that until we got home last night. now if only i could get her to keep our real house that clean!

and in true nana fashion . . . i came home with lots of goodies! a new pair of shoes that she had bought for herself and they didn't fit . . . and luckily they fit me! lots of glassware that i can't wait to use! and awesome jars for my office organization that i plan to work on this week! oh . . . and that bag in front of the jars . . . tons and tons of knitting needles! now in my spare time (cracking myself up right now) i need to learn how to knit!
even sean came home with some goodies . . . part of my dad's beer stein collection!

and of course . . . how could she not send something home for the little guy!

last night sean worked outside on the playroom . . . that i haven't posted about but will do that soon! i got the house picked up. and then we went and ate dinner . . . all alone! now . . . i'm going to take a shower without anyone begging to take one with me! and i have lots of other things planned for the next week. . . but i'm not going to tell you because i have a feeling i might treat myself to a few really lazy days and my to do list won't be completed when the girls get home . . . and that is perfectly ok with me!

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Chrissy said...

Oh my goodness! Enjoy yourself and get plenty of R & R! (Is it wierd that I remember that beer stein with the football guys on it?!?)