Wednesday, August 27, 2008

you can help . . .

one of the first blogs i ever started reading was the nienie dialogues and it has remained my favorite since the first time i read it. it's always the last blog i read as i go thru my way too many feeds and always gives me a sense of inspiration. she is the mother of 4 young children and is always doing great craft projects . . . cooking wonderful meals for her family . . . and talking about the intense love that she has for her husband. she is a beautiful person . . . and thru the wonderful world of blogging . . . has opened up her life and shares it with others.

a couple of weeks ago . . . tragedy struck her family. she and her husband were involved in a plane crash. it's one of those things that you just can't understand . . . so you just do whatever you can to try and help.

design mom has officially declared tomorrow as nie nie day and has encouraged other bloggers to take part. there will be auctions going on all over the blog-o-sphere and i'm getting in on the action. tomorrow i will have something up for auction . . . but not here on my blog. i have decided to put a custom magnet board up for auction . . . all proceeds will straight to stephanie and her husband, christian. the auction will be at a room somewhere . . . another of my daily reads. first thing tomorrow . . . i will post a link to the auction.

i wanted to do something . . . their young family has a very long road of recovery ahead of them . . . which means medical bills literally could end up in the millions! the blogging world is such a wonderful thing . . . and this is a great way to reach your hand out and help someone in need.

if you want to keep yourself updated with their recovery . . . c jane (stephanie's sister) is posting updates on their recovery.

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Cheryl G. said...

How crazy, this is one of the blogs that I have followed for quite some time. Like you I love reading it and find her to be quite the inspiration. I have been so heartsick over this which might be crazy since I don't know these people. I'm going to try and send money on a regular basis. I just feel the need.