Thursday, August 28, 2008

show your love today . . .

well today is the day that design mom has officially declared as nie nie day! say an extra prayer for the family today and if you're feeling a little spendy . . . head on over to one of the awesome auctions!

leslie at a room somewhere is hosting my auction for me . . . and she has many other awesome things that are being auctioned off as well!

go here for directions on how leslie is conducting the auctions today and for links to each of the auctions she is hosting.

go here if you are interested in bidding on my contribution to the nie nie day auctions.

this and this is a list of other auctions starting today.

this is a site that has been set up by friends of the nielson's to keep up with the recovery and fundraising efforts that are going on around the country.

if you want to make a donation but don't want to participate in the auction click here:

if you can't donate or participate in the auctions today . . . please keep this family in your prayers. the upcoming months . . . and even possibly years is going to be very trying physically, emotionally, and financially. they have 4 super cute little ones that probably don't fully understand how serious all of this is. they are blessed to have wonderful family that have taken on the 4 littles ones to make sure they keep a stable life without their mommy and daddy. so today don't forget to say an extra prayer for the nielson's and their families!

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